Create Your Tomorrow

   “Yesterday and its failures are gone and a thing of the past. Today, you have the ability to create your tomorrow.” – Beni Johnson

I’ve been on this recent journey to take back my health for several years no, but had taken a decline recently. Over the past 2 years, I would say the weight and anxiety had crept back in. I gradually gained 10-15lbs back and felt tired and sluggish again. I even struggled with my emotional eating once more.

But I knew this year would be different. God healed me of one of my health problems during the OneThing 2016 conference over New Year, and it sparked a change. That was the word that I recieved for this year. (Lasting) “Change comes from resting in the Presence” of God. So that has been my focus these first few months of 2017. Trying to lose weight during my first year of college is not the easiest or most convenient, but the nutrition and anatomy classes I have to take for my “health” major is really solidifying this journey.

Along with all the information I am absorbing from classes, I picked up a new devotional by Beni Johnson, pastor Bill Johnson’s wife. It’s called 40 Days to Wholeness, and it is exactly what I needed. It is a quick daily read that starts my day with a positive thought about myself and my body, rather than the gloomy cloud that was trying to linger around my mind before.

My husband is also now a part of my journey. In the past, we had two different lifestyles. He trained like a maniac, so he basically would eat whatever he wanted. He is not very muscular now, but he fights at a lower weight class, so he has never put on a lot of weight. Still, since he would eat whatever he liked, he would have to kill himself when he was cutting to drop the extra 10-15 lbs. Now 10-15 lbs is all I really want to lose, but I have never really had his help as a permanent lifestyle.

This time around, something is different. He noticed my emotional binges and struggle to maintain a healthy caloric intake. He has been cutting his calories to safely lose the weight for his next fight and offered to keep me accountable. He has been meal prepping and counting calories along with me!! It is a slow, steady, and beautiful process, this time. Not a quick fix but, I believe, a lasting change.

Again, this journey is about HEALTH: spiritually, emotionally & physically. Not one or the other.

Here are some tips I have been learning in the physical journey:

It’s all so basic, but simple is good. It’s doable. Weight loss/maintenance is a science. It is math.

Burn > Consume

1) allow 10 calories per pound of body weight you have and then decrease as you begin to lose weight or plateau. So if I eat 1,500 and burn 200, that’s 1,300 calories and I weight 130 lbs. if I want to weight 120, I can cut back my calories and continue to workout to maintain 1,200 net calories. 

2) working out is just as important. It helps strengthen your bones, muscles and metabolism. It also helps to maintain permanent weight loss/lifestyle and increase longevity. 

3) weight yourself infrequently and aim for 1-2 lbs/week. Gradual and steady weight loss is more promising than a “quick fix”. It doesn’t take a week to gain 20 lbs, so why should we think it can take a week to lose it? 

Cheers to all! Xo,



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