What I Want to Be

This was from Valentine’s Day, 2013. It’s nice to know things haven’t changed… #goals

What I want to be

I want to live a life at I would look at and say I want.
I want to live by doing what I say and acting out what I believe.
I want to live progressively in a consistent compound effect that will benefit my future.
I want to live simple, but strong.
I want to workout every day.
I want to eat organic and clean. (Nothing artificial)
I want to grow my own food.
Use my own grocery bags.
Walk more.
I want wisdom.
I want to help people.
I want peace.
I want to help young women in slavery.
I want to encourage young men to be real godly men.
I want to teach children to avoid the lusts of the flesh.
I want to council the broken hearted.
I want to not worry about things, but be confident.
I want joy in every circumstance.
I want to experience God and hear him daily.
What are your Goals? Are you Living your DREAMS?

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