I’d like to pose a question to anyone reading this… a question, that I thought in my own way and timing, not some plug to pitch a religious practice or program. I want to know genuinely – what do you think about God? Because if we’re honest, that question can and probably should shape how we live our lives. If there really is a supernatural being somewhere, its probably pretty significant. Atheist, believer, agnostic, “spiritual”, unsure… everyone has an opinion of God. And many of our experiences with PEOPLE create that opinion. I’ve seen it in different communities, races, and cultures that have been hurt by “Christians”. I’ve seen it within churches and friend circles. But here is another question… why do we let our experiences with people dictate our belief about God? People believe in all kinds of things… aliens, ghosts, and conspiracy… it’s exhilarating to connect with something unknown. And I have to say, that’s how I often feel when I encounter God. Could be on the street, in prayer or worship in a corporate event. But God is so much bigger, and more mystically mind-blowing than we imagine in our traditional religious mindsets. I encourage anyone with an opinion of God to really ask for God – who knows you better than you know yourself – to encounter you.



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